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Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat SSRH is a government funded initiative designed to increase the energy generated from renewable sources in the heat sector. The scheme is open to commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector and other non-domestic heat users. This scheme is designed to replace fossil fuel heating systems by (i) heat pumps and (ii) by heat from biomass and anaerobic digestion heating systems. Moreover, SSRH will support businesses and farms for up to 15 years for the installation and on-going use of biomass.

Biomass boilers can burn products, wastes and residues from agriculture, forestry and related industries, including fisheries and aquaculture, to generate heat. In anaerobic digestion, for example, organic material such as food waste, agricultural waste, silage, energy crops, breaks down in the absence of oxygen to produce biogas, which can be used to generate heat and/or electricity. The installation grant provides up to 30% of eligible costs to successful applicants. The scheme also offers an ongoing tariff for useable heat output for up to 15 years.

Contact High-Tech Machinery today to find out how a Talbott’s MWE Biomass Boiler can save money on your heating costs, landfill costs and obtain a grant for 15 years.

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