3 Panel Saws installed this week in Limerick, Sligo and Down. Martin T65, Robland Z500 X1, HolzHer Sector 1255.

How does a panel saw work?
Unlike a table saw where the work piece is moved past the cutting blade, with a panel saw the operator moves the circular saw across the work piece, with the work piece fixed in place. Panel saws are most commonly used with plywood and wood composites such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particle board.

What can a panel saw cut?
Panel saws are used by cabinet shops to easily cut panels, profiles, solid-wood, plywood, MDF, laminates, plastic sheets and melamine sheets into sizes or cabinet components. They are also used by sign shops to cut sheets of aluminum, plastic and wood for their sign blanks.

How long is a panel saw?
“The term panel saw defines a large class of saws that varied in length from 16 to 24 inches. … Their smaller size was convenient for working inside the shop, making cuts almost exclusively in seasoned, dressed stock.

High-Tech Machinery delivers Panel Saws in Dublin, Cork, Limerick – in fact, across the whole of Ireland.