Woodworking Machinery – Cramps / Clamps

This hydraulic clamp is the right machine for high-volume producers of furniture doors and it is absolutely necessary to those who manufacture such products
with special features with frequent changing size of the products. It is also the ideal solution for general assembling with 45° and 90° joints without any previous setting.

  • Based on a stable, torsion-free steel construction with heavy duty, manchined steel beams. The perforated plate consists of 8 mm thick steel plate with 21 mm diameter holes on 50 mm centers. The extensive range of accessory items ensures optimal performance for the construction of all workpieces and ensures economic and precise pressing.
  • Adjustable, pneumatically operated horizontal pressure beams are carrying out the pressing. Freely displaceable vertical tensioners with adjustable counter bearings and hold-downs secure the workpieces.
  • Has all the good features of the KONTRA-range. The two gluing tables can be rotated on the horizontal axis and so enable free access and an optimal working position.
    • Quick positioning of vertical beams
    • Quick positioning of counterweight cylinders
    • Base in large section structural steel
    • Maximum accuracy of the operating pressure control
    • Reading and pressure adjustment of central vertical cylinders independent of the operating pressure
    • Cylinders pressure kept constant by stop valves
    • Pressure exclusion tap on central vertical cylinders
  • MAIN FEATURES: Frame in large section structural steel Quick positioning of vertical beams Bottom supports in cast iron Pressure adjusting valve with reading gauge Cylinders pressure kept constant by exclusion tap
  • Flexible: from structural supporting beams to those for door and window frames, from products for turning to edge glueing panels, planks in general and stairs. Practical: a simple, and fast system for loading and unloading the material at the front, thanks to the side parking stations for the front clamps. Reliable: your laminated beams in full compliance with international tests. Modular: a possible answer to every length requirement.
  • Clamping machine for assembly of casings with open or closed tenons etc. Consisting of three sliding beams equipped with hydraulic hand pumps and one moving bar carryng two horizontal pumps that can be adjusted to suit the frame to be assembled.


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