STROMAB Hydraulic Presses for Laminated Beams: SL2 / SL3

Flexible: from structural supporting beams to those for door and window frames, from products for turning to edge glueing panels, planks in general and stairs.

Practical: a simple, and fast system for loading and unloading the material at the front, thanks to the side parking stations for the front clamps.

Reliable: your laminated beams in full compliance with international tests.

Modular: a possible answer to every length requirement.

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Designed and made for the production of laminated beams, models SL2 (n° 02 vertical cylinders and n° 01 front clamp each mt.) and SL3 (n° 03 vertical cylinders and n° 01 front clamp each mt.) are a modern response to a great new requirement in processing solid wood.


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