The HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC 7521 Gantry machine has pushed the limits for nesting technology to new dimensions

Bed sizes available:
3100mm x 2100mm
3900mm x 2100mm
4600mm x 2100mm
5600mm x 2100mm
6250mm x 2100mm

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12 kw HSK Electrospindle (Option of 16kw)
8 / 12 / 18 position toolchanger
10 vertical drill spindles (option of 18)
1 double horizontal drill spindles in X axis
1 double horizontal drill spindles Y axis
8 bar pressure booster on drill spindles
Grooving saw Ø 125 mm – 4000 rpm
Dust extraction connection to drill spindles
Automatic zoning of vacuum bed according to board size
Option of automatic loading
Option of automatic labelling
Option of automatic unloading
Option of automatic tool measuring system
Option of VECTOR C axis infinitely rotating
Option of COLD GUN – cools air 28 degrees below room temperature and blows air jet onto the tools

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