5-axis machining centre with “big” features: large workpiece clearance, stiffness and high precision.

The 5 axis spindle is mounted on an independent Z Axis
– Versatile, easy and quick setting up with the possibility to place 8 suction cups on each rail

– No risk of damaging pipes during machining
– Time saving set up of work table
– Equiped with Master SetUp, a new worktable “computeraided” setup system!

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  • X-Y-Z axis strokes 3950 – 1820 – 555 mm
  • Working Field X-Y-Z 3220-1500-200 mm
  • Axis speed X-Y-Z axis 65 – 65 – 25 m/min
  • 5 Axis unit 12 kW Liquid cooled electrospindle
  • 16 position toolchanger
  • 14 vertical drill spindles
  • 2 double horizontal in X axis
  • 1 double horizontal in Y axis
  • Grooving saw Ø 125 mm – 4000 rpm
  • Work table divided into 2 zones for tandem loading
  • TUBELESS type working table: 6
  • Panel supports
  • Masterworks has collision detection of the suction cups
  • Masterworks has the ability to run different programs in different working fields with optimised toolchanges reducing the machining time of each workpiece
  • Option of vertical sensing device for measurement of workpiece thickness.
  • Prearrangement of working table to apply clamping devices for arches and straight component


Contact Info

High Tech Machinery Ltd.,
High-Tech House, 3 Red Cow Interchange Estate,
Ballymount Road, Dublin D22 DY79 Ireland

Phone: +353 1 464 1880

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