This guard can be fitted on all professional spindle moulders with spindle max. diameter 50 mm and tools max. diameter 160 mm. Dust and chips removal is obtained through collecting pipe n° 4 with diameter 120 mm to be connected with workshop main suction plant. This device allows to mill curved and circular pieces. Milling depth micrometric adjustment through knob n° 3, rests n° 1 and workpiece clamp n° 2, both adjustable in height parallel to worktable, can be positioned as shown in fig. 4-5. Infeed fence n° 6 can be fitted either on the left hand or on the right hand side of this guard according to spindle rotation sense (for machines with reverse rotation too). Brushes n° 7 and carter n° 5 contribute to optimise dusts and chips exhaustion. It is furthermore possible to invert both brushes position, what may contribute to a better suction according to the type of machining to be performed (as for example particular shaping works or when working with reverse spindle rotation) since brushes have a different length.

Weight 5.5 kg

Dimensions 300mm x 370mm x 290mm high