WEINIG Powermat 1500 Moulder

WEINIG Powermat 1500 Moulder

The valuable moulder for optimum profitability.

Ultimate design, perfect processing down to the last detail, typical WEINIG: with the Powermat 1500 WEINIG offers an exceptional machine as a standard model. Behind every high performance machine there must be a design concept that puts you in a leading position to control costs, guaranty scheduled delivery times and cater to your customers’ wishes. With the Powermat 1500 you will experience the full capability of a WEINIG moulder.

The workpiece monitoring automatically detects whether there is a workpiece inside the machine or not. This allows dimensional changes while the machine is running. You benefit from simple operating and time savings.

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Working height min./max. 10/160 mm
Working width min./max. 20/230 mm
260 mm working width Option
310 mm working width Option
200 mm working height Option
7,000 rpm (except first bottom spindle) Standard
8,000 rpm Option
12,000 rpm Option
Operating concept Comfort Set Standard
Memory Plus Standard
PowerCom Plus Option
Electronic displays Standard
CNC-controlled axis adjustments for spindles and feed beam Option
Pressure shoe in front of top spindle, receding from the tool Standard
Max. tool diameter, horizontal spindles (not first bottom) 225 mm
Max. tool diameter, vertical spindles 200 mm
PowerLock tool holders Option
Universal tool holders Option
Frequency-controlled feed speed (standard) 5 – 40 m/min
MarathonCoating for machine table Option
Max. motor power on vertical spindle (standard – option) 5.5 – 15 kW
Max. motor power on horizontal spindle (standard – option) 5.5 – 37 kW
Improved sound enclosure Option

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