The intelligent, High Performance Pressure Beam Saw

Professional Software Package
Intelligent Clamps
Double Angle Presser
Security Package – for safe operation
Saw Blade Protrusion up to 130 mm
Sawing Units up to 25 kW
Cutting Lengths: up to 4,300 mm
Cutting Widths: up to 4,250 mm
Infinitely adjustable sawing unit feed rate: up to 130 m / min

Sawing unit return speed: 150 m / min
Positioning speed: 25 m / min (CE)
Rip fence return speed: 100 m / min

Product Brochure

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Sawing Unit with up to 25 kW for Enormous Cutting Potential. The patent-pending saw unit is distinguished by its performance, precision and enormous cutting power. The saw blade is moved to the desired height in seconds by the servo-motor. Here the powerful drive motor remains in position and does not have to be raised. This allows infinite movement to grooving depths and saw blade protrusions of up to 130 mm at enormous speed. Panel stacks can be cut easily by the high power motors. The prescoring saw can be adjusted under program control using the servo-technology. A postforming saw for material thicknesses up to 50 mm with drive power of 3.0 kW is also available as an option.


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