Used Putsch SVP 145 Vertical Panel Saw

Used Putsch SVP 145 Vertical Panel Saw

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Manual movement of the beam and carriage for horizontal and vertical cuts.

The Vertical cuts are secured into locking points in the frame.

Manual entry and return of the blade unit by means of an ergonomic lever.

– Electric rise and fall of backing strips

– Tilting device for supporting small pieces.

– N. 4 mechanical positioners for horizontal cuts.

– N. 2 Shutters for vertical cuts.

– Liftable wheel device for sliding panels.


– Right side short piece cutting device.



Technical Data:

Maximum cutting length: 4200 mm

Maximum vertical cutting height: 2200 mm

Maximum cutting thickness: 60 mm

Motor power: HP 4 (Kw 3)

Blade diameter: 250 mm

Blade speed: 5300 rpm

Voltage 380-400 / 50

Machine conforms to CE

Machine available September 2023

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