No. of horizontal heads: 1
No. of vertical heads: 2
No. of spindles (lft red – rt black): 23 (11-12)
Interaxis between spindles: 32mm
Interaxis between first and last spindle: 704mm
Max vertical boring depth: 65mm
Max horizontal boring depth: 65mm
Max dimensions of the working piece: 3000 x 870 x 60mm
No. of motors: 3
Motor power: 2HP (1,5kW)
Motor r.p.m. (50 Hz): 2800 rpm
No. of clamps: 2
Max height of clamps from working table: 65mm
Aluminium long fence with pneumatic reference stops: 120 x 40 x 3000mm
N° of pneumatic reference stop with nonius: 2
N° of pneumatic reference stop with digital display: 2
Working air pressure: 6-8 bar
Standard air pressure consumption: 30 l/cycle
Dust suction diameter: 80mm
Overall dimensions: 1790 x 1000 x 1350mm
Height of the working table: 900mm
Package dimensions: 1900 x 1150 x 1500mm
Net/gross weight: 750/850kg

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