Leister ELECTRON ST 230V 3400W

Leister ELECTRON ST 230V 3400W

  • Suitable for all jobsites
  • Leister’s most powerful hand tool
  • Easy-clean air filter
  • Carbon brush stop and heating element protection provide automatic protective measures
  • Sturdy tool case supplied
  • Swiss made

The new ELECTRON ST is a real powerhouse among Leister’s hand tools. The appearance of this tool has been modeled after the new TRIAC range. For the user, this means improved ergonomics and, as a result, the ability to work in more comfort. Existing ELECTRON nozzles fit the new model.


Technical Data

ELECTRON ST – 230 V / 3400 W / EU-plug

Article No. *145.567*

Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 230
Power W 3400
Temperature °C 40 – 650
Air volume (20°C) l/min 360
Size (L x ∅) mm 338 x 90
Handle ∅ mm 56
Weight kg 1.1
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