Perfectly invisible joints with laser edging

Co-extruded and subsequently coated “Laser Edging” can be processed with Ltronic. The NIR module in our LTRONIC unit can transfer heat energy quickly and precisely to the specific point required making it ideal for activation of function layers on laser edging.

  • Visually perfect results – tone in tone with invisible joints.
  • No heat-up time.
  • Noiseless processing.
  • No cleaning work.
  • Pioneer in terms of energy efficiency.

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HOLZ-HER LUMINA Series: LTRONIC for Perfect Invisible Joints with Laser Edging

Designed for highest requirements in terms of quality and flexibility. The LUMINA series stands for complete processing of modern edging and panel materials. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so that it is ready for production immediately. Top belt pressure with feed rate of 25 m/min are just what’s needed for an intelligent handling system. The LUMINA series is your guarantee for absolute quality, flexibility and productivity.

In addition to our LTRONIC and Glu Jet systems, our LUMINA series offers everything required for professional edgebanding. Up to 25 NC servo-axes for maximum automation of all processes with exact repetition at the touch of a button. Even the pressure and glue quantity settings can be made fully automatically and adapted to the specific requirement.

The HOLZ-HER LUMINA with LTRONIC laser edging unit sets the highest, professional standards for edgebanding without compromises.

The LTronic laser edgebander was developed especially for the LUMINA series and processes all edging with functional layer on the market. Switch it on and it’s immediately ready for use – the new Ltronic unit does not require a heat-up time or any heat-up phases during the machining process. In addition, the complete system operates absolutely silently which is a clear advantage for the user compared to other systems. Moreover, cleaning costs are minimal. The integrated protective plate on the NIR module needs to be briefly cleaned just once per week.


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