Casadei F205 Spindle Moulder


  • Machines controls on the front side
  • Anodised aluminium sliding table. The hardened steel guideways are

fixed by mechanical bending system which allows fast and precise movements. Carriage dimensions: 360×1200 mm. The support frame is equipped with auxiliary table with cutting device with 2 flip-over stops and eccentric clamping

  • Table with no. 4 steel rings
  • Readout for the vertical position of the spindle
  • Cast iron spindle moulder assembly with column ø 100 mm
  • Spindle moulder reverse rotation
  • Spindle speed indicator with led
  • Spindle moulder fence with 3 controlled adjustments, complete with reference pins for easy re-positioning and vertical and horizontal pressers. Numeric readouts for micrometric adjustments.

(Max tool Ø 240mm).

  • Dust outlet at the spindle moulder fence Ø 120 mm
  • Dust outlet on the machine frame Ø 120 mm
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Sliding table dimensions 1200×360 mm

Table dimensions (machine with sliding table) 1200×605 mm

Spindle moulder speeds at 50 Hz 3500-6000

8000-10000 rpm

Max. spindle working height 125 (70 if ¾”) mm

Max. profiling tool diameter Ø 210 mm

Max. diameter of tool lowered under table at 90° Ø240 mm

Main motor power (S6) – 5 kW (6,6 HP) 50 Hz

Spindle moulder diameter 30 – 35 – 40 – 50 mm – 1 ¼


Version with carriage 2250 mm

Machine equipped with fixed side extensions

Crosscutting frame

Tenoning plate and tenoning hood ø 275 mm

Protection on spindle for shaping

Tilting spindle 90° – 45°

Interchangeable spindle

Spare spindle

Motorised spindle moulder raise & fall (fixed spindle)

Motorized spindle moulder tilting and raise & fall (tilting spindle)

Three-phase motor 7kW 9,5HP 50Hz (S6)