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The Powermat 700 is designed with a revolutionary new operating concept which no other moulder can offer. This results in improved ease of operation and very short setup times giving our customers the highest degree of flexibility. With these outstanding qualities the Powermat is the perfect response to the market demands of today and sets a new standard for four sided processing.

WEINIG Powermat series: Unlimited range of applications with perfect quality

The moulder is the centerpiece of any production facility. This is where the most value is added when creating a profiled moulding from square timber. The Powermat series represent the optimal machine for profitable production for any application and any company size – from the small workshop to industrial series production. From the Powermat 700 to the Powermat 3000, the machines cover the widest range of applications, whether in profiling of mouldings, window production, beam planing, flooring production or pre-planing. With its modular design, the Powermat series can be adapted to your individual requirements in terms of quality, flexibility and performance and can also be customized for customer-specific special solutions.

Thanks to the intelligent machine controls, automatic positioning of the spindles and the patented PowerLock system, setup of the machine is quicker, easier and safer than ever before. A range of options can also be added to exploit the full performance potential of your Powermat. Hence, the Powermat is suited to all requirements – whether machining solid wood, engineered wood, plastics or even composites.

The Powermat series embodies 100% WEINIG quality, which is imbued with decades of experience. There can be no better guarantee of profitable production in line with current market requirements.