Holz-Her Sprint 1329

When EMP Furniture of Williamstown Co. Galway were researching how to take their furniture up another level, they didn’t have to look much further than the Holz-Her Sprint 1329 Zero Glue Line PUR Edgebander. Since EMP are involved in many education, hospitality, IPS panelling for wetroom environments and already had a high quality work ethic, the Holz-Her was the only machine on the market that could satisfy their needs.

With quick heatup times, patented Glu Jet Technology and NC controlled units throughout the entire machine, the machine has enhanced all areas of their business. The machine has been running for 4 months, has done 30,000 meters of PUR edging and given confidence to EMP Furniture that they are supplying the highest quality furniture to their customers. For more information contact info@high-tech.ie