WEINIG VarioRip 310 Multi-rip Saw

WEINIG VarioRip 310 Multi-rip Saw

The compact, robust VarioRip is the ideal machine for small and medium-sized operations. Whether as a multi-blade or optimizing rip saw, the new VarioRip 310 impresses even in the standard version with high-quality equipment and excellent user-friendliness. The patented Quickfix quick clamping system enables rapid retooling.

Quickfix: Arbor setup without tools. Release hydraulic clamping by hand, insert sample blanks. Shift blades on the arbor, clamp hydraulically. Done. Without any bushings, spacers or tools – You have never before reconfigured a ripsaw as fast, easily and conveniently as with the patented Quickfix.

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Max. cutting width 310 mm
Chain width 340 mm
Max. number of movable saw blades 2
Max. outlet width 650 mm (Option 1,100 mm)
Max. cutting height with Quickfix flanges (without pressure board) 95 mm (Option 110 mm)
Max. cutting height with movable saw blades (without pressure board) 85 mm (Option 100 mm)
Min. timber length with pressure board in use 410 mm (Option 320 mm)
Max. feed speed 5-35 m/min
Motor 22 kW (Option of 30 kW / 37 kW)
Number of pressure rollers 4
Saw blade diameter min./max. 300 mm / 350 mm
Weight 2,060 kg
Dimensions: length x width x height 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.87 m
Working height 850 mm
Dust extraction diameter 250 mm
Required dust extraction speed 30 m/sec
Required dust extraction volume 5,300 m³/h

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