WEINIG ProfiRip 340

WEINIG ProfiRip 340

The universal longitudinal circular saw — the all-rounder for every operational scope

The automatic kerf seal (patented) prevents wood chips from entering the machine interior. Eliminating the need for manual removal of wood chips creates significant time savings.


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WEINIG ProfiRip 340 Multi-rip Saw

The clever concept for profitable cutting

The demands on ripping are increasing. Changing applications call for a high degree of flexibility. The ProfiRip equips you well, irrespective of whether it is a multi-blade or optimising ripsaw. The robust, reliable model already stands out in the standard version
with high quality equipment and it is extremely convenient to operate. If required, numerous intelligent options extend your ProfiRip to
become a high performance system, enabling you to make your ripping process even more efficient.

Max. cutting width 340 mm
Chain width 390 mm
Max. number of movable saw blades 3
Max. outlet width 800 mm (Option 1,300 mm)
Max. cutting height with Quickfix flanges (without pressure board)120 mm (Option 135 mm)
Max. cutting height with movable saw blades (without pressure board) 110 mm (Option 125 mm)
Min. timber length with pressure board in use 500 mm (Option 400 mm)
Max. feed speed 10-50 m/min (8-80 m/min)
Motor 22 kW (Option of 30 kW / 37 kW / 45kW / 55kW / 75 kW)
Number of pressure rollers 4 (Option of 7)
Saw blade diameter min./max.300 mm / 400 mm
Weight 4,000 kg
Dimensions: length x width x height 2.1 x 2.2 x 1.8 m
Working height 850 mm
Dust extraction diameter 300 mm
Required dust extraction speed 30 m/sec
Required dust extraction volume 7,6300 m³/h

Dust extraction connections 2 x 160 mm Ø

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