The Euroheat range of Fabbri wood burning workshop and factory heaters have heat outputs from 29 to 410 kW.

The wood burner range is suitable for burning all types of dry wood, along with cheap fuel such as secondary waste wood and wooden pallets.

The fuel chambers are constructed of high grade stainless steel for long life, no fire bricks to change. The fuel is loaded through an upper separate large fuelling door while the ash is removed through a lower access door.

Each model is fitted with a large capacity ventilation fan which passes air over the workshop heaters heat exchanger which is specially designed to be as efficient as possible. This results in lower fuel consumption and higher heat outputs. The ventilation fan is automatically activated by the on board controls when heat is produced. At the end of the burning cycle the fan automatically switches off. An override switch is included so during warmer weather the unit workshop heater can be used as a cooling ventilation system.

Models fitted with the external flue fan will ensure correct chimney operation whatever the conditions.