Mobile dust collector with flow capacity of 5000 m3 per hour.
Body sheet thickness is 1.2 mm. The propeller and blades are at least 3 mm according to the fan size. The propeller is dynamically and statically balanced. Painted with two colors electrostatic powder paint.

In IP55 standards, IE3 high efficiency motor is used. There is a part separator that protects the propeller against balancing and reduces the risk of fire.

We are different;

We put an end to propeller breakages with the part separator feature.

  • The part separator prevents parts larger than 25x25mm from entering the propeller. This protects the propeller against balancing and ensures it to last longer.
  • Preventing parts of 25x25mm and above from entering the propeller reduces the risk of fire.
  • Metal propeller is used in all product groups.
  • All products are produced in CE standards.
  • All products are design registered.
  • Utility model registration of the part holder has been made. And it is a product unique only to our company.

Product Code S-5000
Capacity: 5000 m3/h
Motor Power: 5,5 kw 7,5 hp 3000 RPM
Vacuum Velecity: 32 m/sec
Filter Quantity: 32 Pcs
Filter Sizes: Q160 x 1030 mm
Filtration Area: 16.55 m2
Waste Storage: 2 Pcs Q600x800 mm
Vacuum Diameter: Q280 mm
Motor Drive Type: Direct Drive
Unit Sizes: 843*2403*2192 mm
Unit Weight: 310 kg
Electrical Panel: Cam Switch