ITALMAC ITM 600 Double Mitre Saw

ITALMAC ITM 600 Double Mitre Saw

3-Axis controlled Double Mitre Saw , automatic traversing of the moving cutting head on slide ways and roller packs. Internal and external tilting of both heads. Any angle between 45° (internal) and 22°30’ (external) can be electronically set. Sawblade diam. 500 mm available with maximum cutting length of 4 and 5 meters.

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  • N. 2 carbide-tipped (Widia) saw blades diam. 600 mm.
  • USB port.
  • Pair of pneumatic horizontal and vertical clamps with “low pressure” device.
  • Full guard for cutting unit, pneumatically operated.
  • Movable side profile support roller conveyor.
  • Provision for swarf exhauster.
  • Software for step-by-step cuts with clamp for automatic cutting system.
  • Software for single cuts, minimum cut, oversize cuts.
  • Air gun, service spanners.
  • Chips conveyor plate.
  • Provision for connection to an industrial printer to enable profile identification.
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