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Product Description


Another innovative air compressor from the Fini ‘Advanced’ engineers. This is a 3 phase compressor for those with this type of power available to them.

Just like it’s single phase partner, this is the Super Duty Fini MK113-200-3 phase

This compressor has been individually designed by Fini at our request solely for the Irish market and is not available to distributors elsewhere.

This is what can genuinely be called a Super Compressor.

The Heavy Duty Fini Mk113-200F-3 phase will give you more than 3 times the life of the average compressor generally on the market today.  In tests carried out by our technical staff, this air compressor out-performed 2 well known 3 HP rotary screw compressors !!

This MK113 model has Excellent ‘Volumetric Efficiency’ (see note below for explanation).

You can discover the proven reliability of this classy machine today.

Ireland’s favourite single phase compressor is now in stock.

We guarantee you will love the performance of this outstanding advanced engineering!!

Features include:

  • 10 Bar – 145 PSI maximum pressure
  • Free Air Delivery 11.12 PSI
  • 2 Cylinders
  • Cast iron cylinders
  • 14 cfm displacement
  • 3 HP three phase
  • 400 volt
  • 200 litre air tank/receiver CE Certified
  • Automatic pressure switch
  • Overload protection
  • Safety valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Air outlet valve
  • Drain Tap