Ideal for heating large workshop and factory spaces with wood logs and secondary wood waste.
Heat output of the F55SV is 55,000 Kcal/h, (64kW),

The horizontal stainless steel combustion chamber has purpose designed reinforcing ribs for extended life.
The frame is constructed from painted profile steel, with zinc plated outer side panels.
The loading door and ash removal door are both refractory lined steel.
The gate system has steel cross members enabling easy maintenance.

Hot Air Distribution
The air side centrifugal fan is low speed with anti-vibration mountings designed to reduce noise.
Fan automatically operates on temperture.
Fitted as standard with top rotational directional vent tubes
Hot air ducts can be added to transfer heat to multiple locations.

Chimney Operation
For use with natural draught chimneys.
Chimney requires suitable height for the appliance to operate, normally a minimum of 5 metres and terminate out of any potential down draught zone.
F28 Workshop wood heater
Standard Features
Low purchasing cost
Low instalation cost
Low running cost
Low maintenance
CO2 friendly
Highly efficint
Simple to use
Long life