Frequently Asked Questions

Woodworking Machinery FAQs


Q. Does High-Tech Machinery have its own Service department?
A. We at HIGH -TECH have established a close and productive partnership with customers through our service. This division is headed by Mr Ray Carroll, Service Manager. Ray only employs top class full time factory trained Engineers with substantial experience.

We install and commission all new machinery and provide operator training. On completion of installations our service engineer will issue a commissioning report to the customer naming the people trained on the safe use and operation of the machine for your files.

Everything the HIGH-TECH sales team sell – the HIGH-TECH service team will service.

Q. What happens when a part fails – does High-Tech carry stock of spare parts?
A. Our stores carry a comprehensive stock of Spares and Tooling with a full time store man who dispatches the spare parts to reach the customer within 24 hours. In addition, our principals will provide any further service to keep our customers production flowing. Enquire about Spare Parts availability here.

Q. Do you offer Secondhand or Used machines?
A. Secondhand and Used machines are an important part of our business. At any one time, we have dozens of machines on offer.

Q. Can you send me updates on Special Offers when they are available?
A. We would be delighted to add you to our mailing list for product updates, or new machine arrivals. We regularly visit the top machinery exhibitions worldwide and try to keep our customers abreast of technological developments. Click here to send us your details.


We at HIGH -TECH Woodworking Machinery Dublin Ireland have established a close and productive partnership with customers through our service


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