Castlemoyne Designs manufacture, supply and install high end, bespoke furniture for any room in the home. All of the components such as cabinetry, inframe, solid timber flat and curved doors are fully made inhouse.

Making the switch to PUR Glue was something Castlmoyne Designs always had on the agenda in order to reduce the glue line and add moisture protection on the carcasses, high gloss components and bespoke furniture.

The benefits of the HolzHer Sprint 1329 GluJet system stood out with its 3 minute cleaning cycle which is now automatic with the new iTronic feature on the Sprint Series. The machine has flawless results when switching between different profiles and different edgetape thicknesses thanks to the 17 servomotors.

Castlemoyne Designs only invest in the best machinery and chose High-Tech Machinery because of the prompt, reliable and experienced service they received on all of their previous machine purchases.