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The UNO 1302 is equipped with the patented HOLZ-HER cartridge system.

  • Glue is applied exactly as required. This saves costs and optimises quality.
  • The glue does not discolour or burn, since only the required amount of glue is melted in the closed system.
  • One particular strength is the simple cartridge exchange. This makes it possible to change over from EVA to PUR glues or to different colours of glue quickly and rationally.
  • Extremely short heat-up time of 3 minutes.

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The UNO 1302 is capable of applying coiled edging and solid strips up to 3mm thick

Panel thickness 8-45 mm
Powerful feed motor for driving transport belt.

Equipped with HOLZ-HER’s patented glue nozzle system – Heat-up time: 3 minutes

First pressure roller roller is driven.
End trimming unit with 140mm diameter sawblade

Multipurpose trimming unit for flush trimming, radius and chamfering equiped with diamond tools

Option of:

  1. Glue Scrapers
  2. Radius Scrapers
  3. Buffing unit