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CUT 1260 automatic vertical panel saw: Fully automatic for maximum cutting quantity and easy operation

The wall saw CUT 1260 is the fully automatic panel saw from HOLZ-HER. It is distinguished by its automatic mode, allowing it to manage large cutting quantities in minimum time. After positioning the panel, it is only necessary to press a button to start the machine process.

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In the automatic mode:

  • The saw plunges, cuts through and retracts automatically
  • Return to the starting point
  • Significantly facilitates cutting panels
  • Selection switch for return and shortened cutting cycle
  • Infinitely adjustable feed rate from 6 – 24 m/min

Cutting depth of 60 mm
Cutting Lengths: 3300 / 4300 / 5300 / 6300mm
Special lengths up to 8,300 mm are available on request.
Cutting Heights: 1900 / 2200mm
Sawing Unit: 4 kW
10 Year Guarantee on All Linear Guides